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YOCTEL as a core software formally registered as private limited company in January 2004. Yoctel is working in the various segment of education domain such as providing and facilitating pre. & post exam automation and data processing services to the universities. Yoctel with its legacy of educationists and academicians has come up with most user friendly and innovative solutions for educational institutions like universities, engineering collages, medical collages, coaching institutes etc. Yoctel promises to deliver software solutions for the organizations and institutions which replace their daily handy practices into automated system that too without many changes in their regular practices.

What We Do

Automation of the knowledge society is a complex process due to its ever changing needs/expectations. Students also get smarter every year. To match these needs/expectations, you need intelligent ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions. This used to be a challenge for even the best of educational institutions, until very recently. Yoctel is committed to deliver an entire range of ICT solutions to its customers to help them automate their organizations completely. Yoctel, after long deliberation and research has come out with an entire gamut of solutions customized just for you. These solutions help you upgrade your typical in-house solutions with intelligent and innovative ICT solutions that exceed the expectations of even the brightest students and seasoned faculty.

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