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OMR Sheet Printing

Printing OMR sheets is robust and specialist service. In the vast majority of cases, client require print runs of 1000+ and are very sensitive to capturing data as accurately as possible. The design and print accuracy in this case becomes vital to get accurate results. Sheets that have even the smallest error on them can render the efficiencies of using any OMR scanner useless. That is why 99% of customers that use our products, trust us to manage their print runs. Our print professionals uses only high quality paper plus the best offset inks to maintain colour quality and consistency – and our team helps you manage the process every step of the way. We can guide you on necessary sheet size, paper quality, thickness or OMR sheet type depending on your need. Give us a call if ordering in bulk and get your quote now. We ensure that structured OMR sheets gets printed, are of the highest quality and in the most economical way possible.

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