OMR scanner software for Sheet Reading

What is OMR GURU

Read or evaluate any kind of OMR sheet that is, it may be admission form or test paper answer sheet or psychometric tests or survey/ feedback forms, Yomark reads everything for you. Yomark gives you an amazing experience of working on it.

In today's world, OMR sheets are widely used for conducting various exams right from the KG level to professional level. The exams conducted through OMR sheets are objective or multiple choice exams.

OMR Software provides complete OMR sheet processing solution for educational institutes, government organizations & NGOs for pre-examination & post-examination processing of entrance exams, competitive exams, recruitment exams & other application areas of OMR sheets include scientific surveys, marketing survey, statics survey, inventory, attendance sheet, feedback forms, election forms and many more.

Key Stats and Highlights

  • All-In-One Professional/ Educational OMR
  • Varity Of Response Collection Type
  • Type free OMR sheet compatibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Extra ordinary and innovative reports
  • Support to any type of marking / evaluation pattern
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