Why OMR Guru is Different

Why We are Different ?

All-In-One Professional/ Educational Optical Mark Reader

Read or evaluate any kind of OMR sheet that is, it may be admission form or test paper answer sheet or psychometric tests or survey/ feedback forms, Yomark reads everything for you. Yomark gives you an amazing experience of working on it. It helps you think over various parameter of analysis and provides results and reports according to your point of view. Now user of Yomark can enter into the mind of its respondents.

Variety Of Response Collection Type

Yomark is the only software of its kind providing you the maximum number of options to decide yourself how you want to collect the responses. As per your requirement you may collect filled OMR bubbles or ticked rectangular boxes or crossed squares. You may also collect data as cropped image form or even hand written text (in caps or numbers only) read by Yomark’s intelligent OCR module.

Highest degree accuracy (ZET–zero error tolerance mechanism)

Just read your files through YOMARK and prepare reports. Forget about errors in the reports. YOMARK ensures 99.99% accuracy on sample of ten thousand sheets chosen randomly and 100% accuracy on 1lac uniform sheets.

Type free OMR sheet compatibility

Design yourself (in PaintBrush, Corel Draw, Photoshop or even in MS Word!) an OMR sheet on the basis of just one line guideline and take print outs on simple A4 pages - your OMR sheets are ready! And YOMARK is ready to evaluate! Now carry on taking responses on these sheets i.e. No specific paper type or No specific color or dye or No specific printing is required.

Easy to Use

Well Organized, uncluttered, consistent, and easy to use screen layout of YOMARK gives you a pleasure experience when you work on it. YOMARK ensures that all the international norms and standards have been followed while developing it hence even icons, along with layout and ways to use the software are virtually close to the way you think and is consistent throughout the software. A very less requirement of concentration and precision of users of YOMARK make it possible that a beginner can learn it in just half an hour.

Extra ordinary and innovative reports

Get reports in just a single click! The software provides you the never before options to create or generate reports as per your requirements. It not only contains lots of default patterns of use full reports but also provides you the flexibility to create your own indices and parameters to customize yourself text, tabular and graphical reports of your requirements. Various innovative meters like Accuracy meter, Status o’ meter, Speed o’ meter, Latent o’ meter etc. are never before available tools for you to help you analyze the progress, performance and psyche of your respondents.

Support to any type of marking / evaluation pattern

The software provides various options to set marking scheme for the test papers to be evaluated. Single correct, multiple correct, negative marking, partial marking, weighted marking; match the column (matrix type) with row or item based marking are few to mention. In fact marking scheme can be set for each question or each option of a question independently.

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