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What is OMR ?

  • Create Your Own Template

This Feature enables its users create their own OMR template that is template for the OMR Sheets to be read. Actually user designs their OMR sheets as per their requirement and gets it printed and then a blank OMR sheet is scanned and imported in this module of the software then on the basis of this scanned sheet user creates a template. Creating template means to indicate on the OMR sheet, the position and the location of various types of fields with their characters such as -Name, Roll No., Questions, Question type, Location or class code and their equivalent response etc. Whenever there is a change in your OMR sheet, you need not run to us /supplier each time you make changes in you OMR Sheet. Creation of an OMR template takes hardly ten minute of an average DTP operator.

  • Multiple Pages Processing

If your OMR form has more than 1 page then you need not worry about processing of this form because Yomark allows process OMR forms with multiple pages simultaneously in one go and gives complete information in one table. Even information on one page can be clubbed with that of on the other pages and combined result or report can be obtained.

  • Get Images

This feature allows you to get different types of images for different purpose. This helps to get student photograph, student signature as image. There are many more important things which cannot be treated because of the limitation of size of OMR sheet and special characters using OMR technology or very cumbersome for respondents to fill so many bubbles such as address or e-mail id etc. Such type of information can be taken as image and these Images can be used for future references as they can be retrieved in excel in separate columns.

  • Read/ Write Barcode

You may get printed bar codes on your OMR sheets. Yomark will read these bar codes for you and provide the corresponding encoded data. This is very useful tool to locate misplaced OMR sheet or to point out erroneous or incomplete OMR sheets and rectify the errors. It can also create bar codes for the information you want to encode.

  • Hand written text and OCR

There is lot of important information which cannot be collected as filled bubbles or ticked/crossed boxes because of their type or limitation of paper size of OMR sheet. You may collect data as hand written text (in caps or numbers only) and get it read by Yomark’s intelligent OCR module. Yomark reads these data for you and converts into typed editable text.

  • Dictionary Options

This feature provides the facility to encode information into numbers or alphabets. For example if user wants to collect data of the locations of their respondents, user can ask to fill the pre defined codes only and store the corresponding actual location as dictionary in this module. The result or report will automatically contain the corresponding locations of the respondents. This can be done for any type of information such as codes against colleges, universities, states, subjects, etc.

  • Link Additional Information to the Results/Reports

This is a very powerful feature of the software. When user is collecting data of its regular respondents (for example for a school or coaching institutes it may be its regular students) he /she just need to assign a unique code (in case of students it may be roll no.) to each respondent. Now using this feature add any number of information against this unique code such as name, phone no., e mail Id etc. The result of the responses will contain all this information. This feature is very useful if user doesn’t want to use or purchase any data base as this feature does not require any data base to store information.

  • Accuracy watch

This is a very important feature of the software. When user is collecting the data from OMR sheets it is always a matter of high concern whether the data is extracted correctly or not? Software provides the facility that during the processing of the OMR sheets you can match the data read by the software and the cell bubbled by the respondent just by a single click. Here you can also make certain changes if the student or your respondent has filled the bubble incorrectly.

  • Innovative marking / Evaluation schemes

The software handles almost all type of conventional and in use practices of marking patterns used for conventional MCQ tests and different type of psychometric tests. Some of the references are- MCQ with multiple correct and partial marking, negative marking, positive marking, marking of linked questions that is marks or evaluation of one question depending on the response of the previous question, matrix type or match the table type question in such type of question marks can be set on row basis or even on the basis of each cell. Some time an erroneous question paper may contain an MCQ for which only one option is set for answer but the question contains more than one correct or neither correct options, the software gives you freedom to evaluate such questions on the basis of either/or/neither/ all, that is, you can choose any of the response type to evaluate such questions. It is worth mentioning that YOMARK helps you to set the marking scheme for complete question paper as well as individually for each question and even each option of an MCQ independently.

  • Generate Reports as per demand

The software provides you a never before option of generating results or creating reports as per your requirement. There is option for result or report pattern where you can choose fields you want in the report / results or even you can club the various fields under one header like under the header - Personal Info, you can club the columns containing name, date of birth, Phone No., Gender etc. This feature makes you tension free at least for publishing results and reports as it does not require to export the responses in excel and then prepare results and reports.

  • Create or design your own graphical report

The software provides you an option of designing graphical reports as per your requirement. You might get thrilled while working on this module of YOMARK. Even if a single parameter gets changed, conclusions of analysis of responses may change drastically. Here by using this feature you can have the most realistic and relevant analysis with graphical representation and that too with different point of view, such as Student’s point of view, Faculty’s point of view, Directors point of view, parent’s point of view, Institute’s point of view etc. Various innovative meters like Accuracy meter, Status o’ meter, Speed o’ meter, Latent o’ meter etc. are never before available tools for you to help you analyze the progress, performance and psyche of your respondents.

  • Generate Admit card / Identity card

The creation of admit card or identity card for any institution is essential but a very tedious task as there are too many variable information for each card and we require to put them together after collecting it from various places or entering manually. Now you just need to get OMR sheets filled by your students or employees with photograph and signature on it and YOMARK will generate the admit/identity card for you with options to decide the places for photo or signature or any other information to be or not to be there. In fact the design and layout of admit/identity card can be customized in just few clicks. You can also create a bar code on admit/identity card encoding any unique information of student or employee in it. This can be used to record study material distribution or any kind of interaction or attendance using bar code guns.

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